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Expert Care at the Hand Surgery Center

71 year-old Camille Olivieri had no idea of the nightmare that awaited her as she walked through Penn Station. After suffering a terrible fall that crushed her wrist and left her in excruciating pain, Camille was told she would need to see a hand surgeon.

Camille does not recall what caused her to fall, but she vividly remembers torturous pain radiating from her left wrist. After five days and two doctors, she visited Dr. Alexis Drullinsky, an internist with Beth Israel Medical Group. Dr. Drullinsky took one look and sent Camille over to the Beth Israel Hand Surgery Center. "He told me to go there right this minute. He could see I was in terrible pain."

The Center is led by a team of three highly esteemed surgeons, all recognized internationally for their outstanding skill in the comprehensive management of complex hand, wrist, and elbow conditions. Our Center also features an administrative and operating room staff (including top anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgeons) dedicated solely to treating their patients and facilitating the very best surgical outcomes.

Camille didn't know any of that when she arrived in agony that morning. But the moment she met Dr. Daniel Polatsch, she was certain she had come to the right place.

"He knew right away that I just couldn't wait," Camille recalls. She says that Dr. Polatsch expedited her surgery because her suffering was so apparent.

At the time, pain relief was all Camille cared about. But now, nearly a year later, she marvels at the flawless results of her surgery. "My wrist was completely crooked and deformed, and now it's as good as new. Dr. Polatsch is a star! You would never know the bone had been damaged."

Each year the physicians at Beth Israel's illustrious Hand Surgery Center see roughly 10,000 patients on an outpatient basis and perform more than 1,800 surgeries — treating everything from fractures and nerve injuries to vascular disorders and rheumatoid arthritis.

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